The great icons of the 90s (and previous ones) come back

The nineties have returned. And they have done it with force. We cannot continue to deny it while doing so we wear mom jeans in the style or if we show navel in the summer crop top. And to celebrate, the great pop icons of the decade have arrived at our favorite stores. The giants of the low cost have been filled with references to movies, series or favorite singers of all at that time. What’s more, they have yelled at the icons of the previous decades and now we have the shirts section of the most popular brands invaded by vintage mitazos. Do you want to check it?

The world of dinosaurs has returned to our lives

The dinosaurs were an obsession in the early 90s, thanks to Jurassic Park, and now they have returned with strength to star in our more retro outfits. We have found them, from left to right and top to bottom.

Of the nineties … but also of the eighties and even of the seventies! In the fashion colada you can find best memories of Flashdance, Pulp Fiction and Los Goonies. Bershka, on the other hand, bets on ET (maximum excitement). And Stradivarius recovers Grease from memory. Primark brings us back to Cher Horowitz, with the essential Clueless shirt.

The fever by Dirty Dancing

The Dirty Dancing fever is only comparable to that of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, and two of the most popular low cost brands ,Bershka and H & M, have been released to honor Johnny and Baby with two almost identical models. Bershka’s (left) costs 12.99 dollars.

The series that got us hooked long before Netflix

It may have been more than twenty years, but surely many of us would still be able to hum the melody of the beginning of such mythical series as Dynasty, The Watchers of the Beach or Corruption in Miami. Their corresponding shirts are brought to us, respectively, by Zara (in the first two cases, by 15.95 dollars) and by Pull & Bear and, of course, Friends, who comes to our closet through this shirt by H & M (9.99dollars).

And the icons that are already myths

The incombustible Madonna.Cher, with all her diva halo.Whitney Houston, with that voice that made her eternal. And even Selena Quintanilla. We can also wear all of them on the shirts that some brands (H & M in the first three cases, Forever 21, in the case of Selena) have recently released. Madonna’s shirt costs 9.99 dollars ; those of Cher and Whitney , 14.99 ; and Selena’s , 11.20 dollars.

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