Use the Appropriate Tools for Perfect SEO Setup

Each search engine has a set of free tools that business owners can use to make their business visible in search results. Start using the tools to Webmaster seeking tips on how your site is appearing in search results. You’ll learn how often search engines are crawling your site, how many pages are cataloged, and other useful notifications such as broken links or duplicate content .

Make your business easy to find

Think as if you are one of your customers and ask yourself what phrases you would use to look for the products or services offered by your company. Most people type two or three simple words or a short phrase in the search box. These generic phrases are the most popular and, as a result, will generate the highest search volume. Something likes “cheap flights”, for example, to a travel company or travel agency.

However, the most popular phrases are also the most competitive. So it will be very difficult to get on the first page of the search with just them. You have to find the balance between the generic and the specific, which may be less competitive but still present a strong volume of research, such as “cheap flights to Miami” or “flights from Boston to Miami.”

Enter the Title (Right) and the Description

Now that the 10 key words / terms are set, it’s time to choose what might be the most important to a SEO content page. These are the title and description, according to LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company. After all, it is they who will show what your business is on the results page of a search engine.When choosing 10 keywords to portray the focus of your business, try to achieve the perfect balance between the extremely popular terms and the more specific terms. The rule of thumb is to keep the page title with a maximum of 55 characters.

Digital Description

The description should be a short phrase that provides more details about the business and information about what is on the page. Make your description with a maximum of 150 characters. Most content management and site creation tools make it easy to update titles and description without having to edit the code.

Keep Your Content Original, Updated and Simple

Regardless of whether you manage a three page site or one with thousands of content pages, the basics of producing information for posting online remain the same. All important content must be original, found only on your site and formatted as plain text. This helps you establish your website as authority over a certain subject by the search engines and increases the possibility that your pages have your keywords raised in the ranking of search engines.